Our video style

We like to think of our wedding films as the greatest hits of your wedding day, showing only the good stuff like a Friends montage episode. Our aim is to create something you, your friends and family will actually want to watch time and time again. Our videos are edited in a super 8 filmy vintage style and are intended to give you a hit of nostalgia rather than showing every step of the day in chronological order.

Why go with a photography and video team?

Because we work together all of the time. We know how to shoot alongside each other without getting in the way which means we never have to compromise. If you’re hiring two separate teams to work together, they’re often working together for the first time on your wedding day. We shoot photos and video on the same cameras with no additional gear, so we’re discrete and often people are unaware we are filming.

Lucy & Jonathan

Aby & Joe

Alex & Joe